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Solar Thermal


Solar radiation includes visible light and long wavelength (infrared) channels of thermal energy. A "perfect" black body, outside earth atmosphere, absorbs and re-radiates 100% of the solar radiant energy striking it. On earth “good” black collectors could absorb 90-93% solar heat. Once the solar radiation is converted into thermal energy, it can be harnessed for various uses. Solarberg LTD  has introduced several solar thermal solutions that are inexpensive and useful for masses in developing countries:

Solar Food Dehydrator
Our experts developed improved solar food dehydrators, in collaboration with Swiss Pakistan Society and Heritage Foundation Pakistan, to help the affected communities of the great earthquake of Pakistan 2005. Drying fruit is an important source of livelihood for the people of the Northern area of Pakistan. Traditionally fruit was dried on flat roofs of the dwellings. After the 2005 earthquake most of the houses in the area were re-built with slanting GI roofs which made it difficult for the people to dry fruits.
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Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS)
SODIS method - is a simple procedure to disinfect drinking water at household level. Contaminated water is filled in a transparent PET-bottle or glass bottle and exposed to the sun for 6 hours. During this time, the synergy between solar heat and the UV-radiation of the sun kill 99.99% pathogens. The SODIS method helps to prevent diarrhoea, hepatitis and other water born disease and thereby is saving lives of people. According to the World Health Organization, diarrheal disease accounts for the deaths of 1.8 million people every year, mostly children.

SODIS method is developed by Swiss researchers at Eawag Institute Zürich. The knowledge about this method is disseminated in many developing countries. Unfortunately despite of lot of efforts of several NGOs this method could not be widely adapted by the Pakistani public. Solarberg LTD analysed the reasons of the short falls in Pakistan and is working on improving application of SODIS method to make it more efficient and convincing

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Sodis in Pakistan
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Solar Water Heater

The efficiency of evacuated tube and flat panel solar water heaters has improved over the years. Nevertheless these systems are still expensive and out of reach of the masses of the developing countries. Solarberg LTD has developed an innovative design that reduces cost of solar water heaters substantially. Our design can be used for small households as well as for large size requirements such as heating swimming pools or pre-boiler heating for industrial requirements or heating Biogas digesters etc


Solar Island
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